Guess I should introduce myself to you who just might read my ramblings. My given name is Deborah, but I usually go by Debi. I am in my 60’s, thus the title of the blog. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York in a small town in Nassau County called Uniondale. Married 25 years, divorced 18. I have 2 wonderful sons, Drew and Dan, who are the best accomplishments of my life so far! Wife, mother, part-timer in various odd jobs and full time employee with an insurance company gives me a rather broad range of life experience. This broad range of experience has helped me grow up which has been an extremely slow process. I retired this past April so I have added that to my life experience with a new type of growing up which is turning out to be much more fun! My hobbies are sewing, some crafting, reading, movies and TV. I can honestly say I have a TV addiction. Two cats share my living quarters – Jiji Marie, white, fluffy and 5 years old along with Kat, a tabby about 3 years old. Next to my sons, they are the loves of my life! I cherish my friends, love a good glass of wine along with an amazing meal, must have chocolate for dessert – put that all together and life is pretty darn wonderful! Throw in some Disney time and I have truly reached my “happy place”.