Everything Old Is New Again?


December flew by and once again I missed a post, therefore, this month is a twofer. Hope your holidays were wonderful and fun! Happy New Year 2015! We sang Auld Lang Syne (“the good old days”) at midnight and welcomed in what we hoped would be “good new days” for the coming year.

I looked up “old” and found that the meaning was pretty depressing. It listed everything from “impaired, decrepit, tired” to “broken-down, feeble, senile” – even “one foot in the grave”. Remind me never to refer to myself ever again as old. For this post, let’s use the meaning “time-honored”, traditional, bygone”.

The word “new” also has a variety of meanings from “not existing before” to “unfamiliar”. I choose “reinvigorated, restored, for the first time, fresh” to look at what lies ahead.

Strangely enough, each month in a new calendar year is actually a repeat of the prior year. All the holidays will occur whether we celebrate or not. No matter what we do (unless we live under a rock), events such as the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and Opening Day for baseball will occur. Add in the weight loss and gym commercials, new car sales, advertising for the circus or new seasons of TV shows and you get the picture.

As I get more mature (ha, you thought I was going to say older), each year flys by so fast that they mesh together in a giant blur. There might be great joy such as a wedding or birth. There might be great tragedy such as health or financial issues. In a way, though, it’s comforting knowing that there is continuity in each year (except you never really know when Easter will be). I really like tradition. The question becomes: how do we make it all feel new and different? We make resolutions – lose weight, exercise more, meditate, eat healthier. However, these are things that we should do all the time, not just because a new year has started. We allow our resolutions to define new for us. If we succeed, then new is awesome. If we fail, new becomes an albatross around our neck making us wish the year away so we can try again next year.

So no resolutions for me. However, can I make each month special, working with the traditional celebrations/dates tweaking them so there is a newness to them? Small things I do might up the fun factor on holidays and events thus slowing each month down a little. The old, time-honored might become fresh, restored as if being experienced for the first time. This isn’t something I want to look at as success or failure. I want to take one month at a time and savor it, not look too far ahead wishing away precious moments. I may celebrate that month traditionally or I might put a twist on it!  Either way, I am going to enjoy 2015 – old and new!


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