Too Many “D” Words

Thinking about the letter “D” for this month’s blog made me realize that there were lots of words to choose from.  Unfortunately, it’s the middle of February and it has been a long “dreary” and “depressing” winter which doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon.  UGH!  I’m not fond of January or February.  Even with Valentine’s Day in there, those months aren’t cheerful ones for me.  I’m not an outdoorsman even in the best weather, so winter sends me into hiding.  Sunny days are few and far between, but when there is one, it is pure joy.  I take my depressed body and stand by a window or door and soak in the warming rays.  If the roads are good, I go for a drive and let the sun pour down on me.  Unfortunately, this weather sends me into bad habits – lots of couch time including naps, eating a lot of comfort foods, and shopping (either physically in a store or online).  Not the healthiest lifestyle for mind or body.  Today it is sunny and a bit warmer so let’s take this blog to a more positive spin.

“Dancing” – love, love, love!  I have danced since, as a young girl, my mother taught me the cha-cha, waltz and polka.  I have so few memories of my childhood, but those random lessons stand out.   From there came American Bandstand and learning all the hip dances of the era – Stroll, The Swing and Hand Jive.   Then Mashed Potatoes, Twist, the Swim, Stomp, Monkey, Watusi, Pony, Hitch Hike even the Freddie.  I watched and learned as many as I could in my living room.  My mother thought I was insane, but I loved moving to the music.  At Junior High dances, the girls ruled the dance floor rockin’ and rollin’ to all the music while only a few boys knew what to do.  That was the uniqueness of Bandstand – everyone danced and enjoyed it.   I loved when an outing with friends meant dancing until I messed up the knees.  Now I’m cautious – one false move from being a little too wild and I’ll be replacing the old knees.  However, I can still move to the music even if seated.  On this sunny day, I’m listening to the Beatles and while typing, the body is swaying to the music.  Bliss, pure bliss!  And ever so carefully, once in a while, I’m up and the entire body is moving!  I’m a bit wiser as to what I can do safely, but age does not take away the rhythm!

“Dining” – another lovely word in the dead of winter.  Not sitting on the couch with a plate of something, but going out and enjoying a deliciously (another awesome “D” word) prepared meal with family and good friends.  Conversation slows down the meal so each bite is savored.  I am not fond of dining alone.  Never was in my younger days, and definitely not in my “mature” years.  As a retiree, I’m alone a lot.  I haven’t found my niche yet for social activity.  Therefore, dining to me is an event to be shared.  Nasty winter weather limits the number of times one goes out to a restaurant, but when one gets the chance, it is such fun and lifts the “dreary”.   It doesn’t have to be a 5 Star restaurant, but maybe not too many visits to McDonalds.  Although, with the right company, even a McDonalds meal can lift the dreariness of winter.

And before I close out this blog, I have to touch on my favorite “D” word – “Disney”.   Just thinking about Disney World makes me smile and lifts my spirits.  Planning a trip always helps with my winter blues, but even visiting the Disney Store briefly chases away the blah.   Have to control the spending, but our store is so lovely with the visuals and music, I can just find a corner and stand still taking it all in.  Like a breath of fresh, spring air!  I’m not going to bore everyone with the wonders of Disney in this month’s blog, but trust me, it will come up again.  Even though Disney movies and some merchandise were part of my childhood, I didn’t fully immerse myself until I was in my 50’s.  It has been good for my soul as I’ve gotten older – I don’t feel old when I’m “Disneyfied”.   On my desk is a framed picture of my youngest, Dan, and me on my first Disney World trip (I don’t count the brief, hassled one day experience in the 80’s).  On the frame with Tink in the corner, are the following thoughts: “Believe in fairies”, “You can fly”, “Think happy thoughts”, “Never grow up” and my favorite “Faith, trust and pixie dust”.   Reading those phrases nourishes an otherwise dreary and depressed soul.

Just looked out the window and a fat red robin is at the bird feeder – Spring is coming!!!!!


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