First things first!

I haven’t really organized all my thoughts yet, however, I promised to post at least once a month so here’s the first of what I hope will be many.

I am retired.  Yes, that is a true statement.  Was I planning this great event?  Not really.  It was in my future game plan, however, things that started happening at my place of employment moved me into that direction a little sooner than expected.  I definitely was not prepared and didn’t realize how much went into being prepared – pension, savings, 401K, social security, health insurance (notice that these are all financial preps) – as well as what am I going to do in this next stage of life with a GIANT question mark.  Even when I thought I had figured out the financial end, a small thing like a sudden death in the family blew that to bits.  So I am still working on the financial end of retirement – bleh!

As far as what I am going to do or even should do, well, this blog has churned around in my head probably since 1 month after I retired.  The churning was due to annoying questions such as:  What stage of life am I in?  Why this urgency to “get things done”?  Am I really bored or am I relaxing?  Shouldn’t I be “doing” something?  Did I really “earn” this stage in my life?  Was retiring a stupid thing to do?

These questions and so many feelings have clouded the real joy of retiring.  They haven’t sent me into a major depression (drugs actually were stopped a week after I retired – yeah!), however, I can feel myself sometimes turning inward and struggling to get out.  It’s very frightening to think that this is it – from here there is only death (something an Anthem retirement specialist said in a seminar).  I let my mind and feelings control much of my life so I have decided maybe if all of this “stuff” swirling around were put on paper, I would find some peace and relax into this marvelous journey known as retirement.

Everything I share will not be earth shattering, mind blowing or enlightening.  Maybe my words will help steer another through early retirement, or just make someone laugh at my ramblings!  Either of those things would bring a smile on my face.  To get started, I will be using the alphabet as a way to focus my thoughts on only one or two ideas in each blog.  It will teach me discipline and you will thank me for not going off book.   Here is a pinterest quote I found that I will leave with you today:

“For one minute, walk outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky, and contemplate how amazing life is.”  (Inspired by Charm website)


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  1. so far, so good! Keep going.


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